When will Monster Hunter Rise on PC unlock in your time zone?

The latest installment from the beast-bashing series has almost arrived on PC.
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— “January 11, 2022”

The Monster Hunter Rise PC unlock time is fast approaching, and we’re counting down the hours until we can set out from Kamura Village to face down giant roary creatures once again. You’ll have already been doing so for the last 10 months if you own the game on the Nintendo Switch, but if you’ve been waiting for the PC version, your patience will be rewarded soon.

Whichever camp you fall into, Monster Hunter Rise on PC promises to be a much-improved experience when it launches on Steam very soon. The PC version benefits from 4K support, better framerates, higher res textures, and more, provided you’ve got the rig on which to run it. Here’s when we expect Monster Hunter Rise to release on Steam.

Monster Hunter Rise PC unlock time

Capcom hasn’t officially confirmed Monster Hunter Rise’s PC unlock time, but it looks like we can expect it to hit Steam at 12 pm Eastern Time on January 12, 2022. I’ve asked Capcom for comment, so I’ll update this page when I know for sure. When the equivalent time passed for me in the UK (5pm GMT) at the time of writing, the Steam page changed from “2 days” to unlock to “1 days 23 hours”.

Both Monster Hunter World and Iceborne unlocked at midday ET, too, so it seems likely that Rise will unlock at the same time. If that’s the case, Rise will unlock on PC at the following times:

  • New York: 12 pm ET
  • Los Angeles: 9 am PT
  • London: 5 pm GMT
  • France: 6 pm CEST

If your territory isn’t listed above, find out when it’s hitting with this time converter.

As with previous Monster Hunter games on Steam, there doesn’t appear to be a way to pre-load, but its 23GB file size isn’t too onerous compared to PC gaming’s mightiest storage hogs. You can still download the Steam demo, though.

You’ll have plenty to get stuck into when the full game arrives on January 12, and even more so when the Sunbreak expansion comes out this summer. And unlike most major Monster Hunter releases, it’s a simultaneous one between PC and console. That’ll bring a new area, story, monsters and quest rank.

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