Gillette x Razer gamer razor has no lights and has no lasers

Press shot of GilletteLabs x Razer razor. The razor handle itself is Razer green, the magnetic stand is black, and the promo image has lots of black and green on it. It reads “Feel sharp / play sharp,” and has the words “limited edition” and the Razer and GilletteLabs logos.
Razer’s new razor has no RGB, but it’ll shave ya. | GilletteLabs

After all this time, Razer made a razor. Well. Technically, Gillette made a razor and put Razer’s branding on it. Finally, a razor for gamers!

Don’t confuse this with the Razer Razer, this year’s April Fool’s Day joke. That was an RGB gaming mouse with an electric shaver built into it. As fun as it would be to have a quick way to get a bunch of beard hair into your keyboard, the reality here is both smarter and more disappointing.

To be more specific: they took the five-blade GilletteLabs with Exfoliating Bar and slapped Razer’s acid-green-and-black color scheme and snake logo on it. No RGB, which feels like a missed opportunity to tie into Razer’s vast Chroma ecosystem and sync your razor to your laptop, headset, keyboard, mouse, mousep…

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Author: Nathan Edwards. [Source Link (*), The Verge – All Posts]


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