The incredible shrinking heat pump

Illustration of a person’s silhouette through a window of an apartment building. The heat pump unit hanging outside of their window warms their home.
Illustration by Nico H. Brausch for The Verge

For now, the window heat pump in apartment 1D sticks out like a sore thumb. Set between off-white lace curtains, it looks like a brand-new oven installed in a grandma’s living room.

The heat pump replaced a radiator — those rattling, hissing things that are hallmarks of most old buildings in New York City. And if the heat pump proves itself this winter, it could one day make its way into virtually every room in every home in the city’s public housing system. And that could just be the start for the future of home heating.

The prototype in this room at the Woodside Houses in Queens, New York, is already an engineering feat that New York state has funneled tens of millions of dollars into developing because nothing like it was on the…

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Author: [Source Link (*), The Verge – All Posts]


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