Snapchat and NYX launch new beauty filter that’s also a stealth shopping tool

A phone shows a person’s face with a Snapchat makeup filter. The phone is propped up next to makeup products.
Snapchat and NYX Professional Makeup launched a new AR filter and shopping tool called Beauty Bestie. | Image: Snapchat

Snapchat just launched a new AR makeup filter that links to products that users can buy to recreate their looks in the real world. It’s a partnership with cosmetics brand NYX Professional Makeup that they’re calling Beauty Bestie.

AR beauty filters are nothing new, but Snapchat and NYX have turned this filter into a marketing tool for products consumers would typically find in a local pharmacy. With struggling pharmacy chains shutting down a lot of locations lately, this is one way NYX might be able to nab more customers online.

Users can find the filter by searching “NYX Beauty Bestie” or visiting the makeup…

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Author: [Source Link (*), The Verge – All Posts]


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