Black Friday 2023: Best Early Deals and Upcoming Sale Dates

Black Friday deals are arriving in full force tomorrow, a full week early. So if you’re hoping to save as much money on holiday gifts as possible this year, the time of savings is nearly upon us. Black Friday is the absolute best time to buy just about everything, including big-ticket items like TVs, gaming consoles, and PCs. Some sales have already started to give shoppers a head start, and we have official sale dates from the major retailers. Sony also confirmed we’ll be getting more PS5 deals and Microsoft announced new Xbox deals starting this weekend.

To help you save as much money as possible during the holiday season, we’ve gathered all of the info you need to know about Black Friday 2023 below, from early sales that are live now to deals you can expect in the future.

The Best Black Friday 2023 Sales Start Tomorrow

If you’re looking to get your holiday deals shopping in early this year, you’re in luck! Not only are there a ton of early deals available at most retailers, both Amazon and Best Buy are launching their full-on Black Friday sales tomorrow. Here are the most important Black Friday deals pages to keep in mind in 2023:

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When Do Black Friday Deals Actually Start in 2023?

Black Friday always lands on the Friday after thanksgiving. Black Friday 2023 will be taking place on Friday, November 24 this year. That being said, Black Friday deals will likely start much earlier. You can expect discounts to start arriving in late October or the beginning of November. The best deals may still happen closer to Black Friday, but you can start expecting big savings this Friday, November 17 when Amazon and Best Buy’s official Black Friday sales kick off.

It’s also worth noting that both Walmart and Best Buy’s early Black Friday sales are now live this year for all, so you can already start shopping some solid discounts online.

Here’s a list of all of the important upcoming Black Friday sale dates:

  • Best Buy Early SaleLive Now
  • Walmart Early SaleLive Now
  • Home Depot Early Sale – Live Now
  • Target Early SaleLive Now
  • Costco Early SaleLive Now
  • GameStop Early SaleLive Now
  • Newegg Early SaleLive Now
  • Amazon Black Friday – Starts November 17
  • Best Buy Black Friday – Starts November 17
  • Xbox Black Friday – Starts November 17
  • PlayStation Black Friday – Starts November 17
  • GameStop Black Friday – Starts November 17
  • Newegg Black Friday – Starts November 17
  • Kohls Black Friday – Starts November 19
  • Macy’s Black Friday – Starts November 19
  • LEGO Black Friday – Starts November 20
  • Steam Black Friday – November 21
  • Walmart Black Friday – Starts November 22
  • Costco Black Friday – Starts November 23

When Does Cyber Monday Begin in 2023?

Black Friday isn’t the only retail holiday in November. Shortly after Black Friday, the deals will begin to morph into Cyber Monday sales. Cyber Monday will officially land on Monday, November 27 this year. That being said, Cyber Monday deals usually start arriving as early as the following Saturday and Sunday after Black Friday. Amazon has already announced that their Cyber Monday sale will begin on Saturday, November 25.

You can also expect the savings to last through the entire week in a phenomenon that has loosely been labeled as ‘Cyber Week’ by various online retailers. See our guide on some differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to help you prepare.

The Best Black Friday Deals – What to Expect in 2023

The long and short of it is that pretty much every product and brand under the sun will have some sort of promotion or discount going on during the Black Friday season. That being said, the best discounts will likely be on big-ticket items that don’t normally get big price cuts. Here’s a quick rundown of the biggest deals to expect in 2023:

Apple Products – Although Apple Black Friday deals on the actual Apple store tend to be pretty lackluster, other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart always drop prices on popular Apple products. Whether you’re looking for discounts on AirPods, iPads, Macbooks, iPhones, or Apple Watches, you’ll be able to find these from most online retailers throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you want to shop right now, Thare are already discounts on iPads and AirPods deals available and more will arrive starting on the 17th.

Gaming Consoles – Arguably the most popular holiday gift, gaming consoles are an expensive purchase that don’t usually have discounts. Black Friday is the best possible time to buy a new console, whether you’re looking for PS5 deals, Xbox deals, or a sale on Nintendo Switch, there’s usually something on offer that’s worth your time. It’s worth noting that the best discounts will often come in the form of discounted console bundles rather than direct price cuts, however. Sony has been offering standard PS5 Slim and regulary PS5 bundles already and Xbox and Nintendo have dropped their console deals as well.

PCs and Laptops – Another big-budget tech category, PC and laptop deals are some of the most sought after sales of the holiday season. This is especially true of gaming PC deals and gaming laptop sales thanks to the relatively high price of the graphics cards inside these machines. The manufacturers like Dell, Lenovo, and HP will have their own Black Friday sales, but you’ll also be able to find discounts at online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. It’s arguably the best time to buy a laptop from any brand and you can expect a plethora of Black Friday gaming PC deals and Black Friday gaming laptop deals from every retailer, but their sales haven’t officially dropped yet.

SSDs – Whether you own a PS5, gaming PC, or are just trying to build your own rig, you’re going to need a decent SSD. Black Friday is the absolute best time to buy an SSD with prices sometimes dropping over 50%. With video game file sizes skyrocketing in recent years, you’ll want to pick up one of the best SSDs during these holiday sales.

Graphics Cards – GPU prices have been absolutely out of control in recent years, but it’s starting to get a lot better. If you want to buy a decen graphics card at a decent price, you should be able to at any point. That being said, if you want a discount, Black Friday is the best time to buy a GPU. Don’t expect big price cuts, but take a look at our guide to Black Friday GPU deals for more information on what a good discount will look like.

TVs – Although TV prices have dropped significantly in recent years, Black Friday is still the best time to buy a new TV. The biggest online retailers always have some pretty tremendous price cuts on both 2023 models as well as older versions of the bigger brands. You can find discounts on Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL, and Vizio TVs just about everywhere with prices well under $300 on some great 4K models. If you’re looking for the best TV deals on OLED or QLED, the day after Thanksgiving is probably your best bet. That being said, there are quite a few worthwhile Black Friday TV deals already available thanks to Walmart’s early sale.

Phones – If you’re hoping to pick up a new phone for cheap, the holiday season is the best time to do so. With new releases in the fall, like the iPhone 15 Pro, all of the different mobile carriers start offering promotions attached to new phone plans. This will usually be in the form of BOGO offers when you switch carriers, or different trade-in deals for those looking to upgrade. Not only that, unlocked phones usually get straight discounts from retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. It’s a great time to get an older iPhone for cheap if you don’t mind not having the latest model.

Headphones and Earbuds – Even some of the best budget earbuds can be expensive, and if you’re hoping to pick up a pair of nice noise-canceling headphones, you could end up spending a small fortune. This makes Black Friday one of the best times of the year to buy any headphones, earbuds, or headsets. There are almost always deals on AirPods, Sony, Beats, and Samsung headphones. There are likely to also be some phone bundles that throw in branded earbuds for free with your purchase, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for those as well. See our guide to Black Friday headphone deals for more info.

Tablets and E-Readers – Tablets remain one of the most popular tech products on the market. Not only can some of the best iPads play full-on video games these days, they can also double as work laptops, smart home devices, or an extra monitor. And although a high-end tablet can be an E-Reader, you can also buy devices that do just that for much cheaper. There are always a bunch of really good Kindle deals available during the Black Friday season that can help you pick up a reading tablet for under $100.

Video Games – Gaming console deals are usually some of the hottest sales of Black Friday, but you can also usually get some pretty great discounts on video games as well. These price cuts usually come in the form of popular games dropping under $30 or a BOGO sale. The sales usually exclude the best new games of the year, but if you don’t mind browsing top games of the past 5 years then you can usually find a really good deal. Some of the best Nintendo Switch games dropped under $30 last year, for example, among other Black Friday Switch deals. You can also expect some really good Black Friday PS5 deals on some newer titles and the same Black Friday Xbox deals on those same games.

Vacuums – When it comes to household products, vacuums can really suck up the bulk of your spending budget. A decent vacuum doesn’t come cheap, and if you’re planning on buying a Dyson or Shark model, the price only gets higher. This makes Black Friday season one of the only times you should ever really consider making a vacuum purchase. There also tend to be some amazing discounts on robot vacuums as well, making Roomba ownership surprisingly affordable.

Kitchen Appliances – Although not as flashy as a new TV or gaming console, things like espresso machines and stand mixers can be surprisingly expensive. Almost every major retailer will be offering discounts on these types of products, and if you’re in the market to be a Nespresso machine or an instant pot, there’s no better time to buy than Black Friday.

Toys – Due to it’s proximity to the holidays, Black Friday is a great time to buy toys for a lot less. Some of the most expensive LEGO sets always go on sale in November, and you can usualy find things like action figures, dolls, and Nerf guns for sale as well. It’s also a great time to grab one of the best board games for cheap. LEGO has announced their official sale for November 20, so you may have to wait until monday for the best deals on sets.

Clothing – New clothes are one of the most popular things to buy during Black Friday season, and you’ll especially find some excellent menswear deals. You will usually find some incredible store-wide discounts from places like Kohl’s and Macy’s that bring prices down to a reasonable level. Smaller shops will also usually have some sort of sale in line with the season. Just make sure you check the Black Friday hours for those stores before you go.

Best Black Friday Online Retailers

Although most brick-and-mortar stores will have some sort of Black Friday sale, the majority of the best Black Friday deals will be online in 2023. You’ll likely want to do the bulk of your shopping from these online retailers:

Amazon Black Friday Sale (Starts Tomorrow)

The Amazon Black Friday sale, and subsequent Cyber Monday sale, is probably the most expansive one on the web. Not only do they tend to have competitive pricing on Apple products, gaming consoles, headphones, and TVs, they also have discounts on clothing, furniture, vacuums, and just about everything else under the sun. Amazon will also have the best prices on its own brands, like Fire TVs, Kindles, and Echo devices. If you have an Amazon Prime Membership, you’ll likely want to do the bulk of your online shopping at Amazon.

Take a look at Amazon’s Black Friday schedule that was just announced to learn more about the sale. The discounts will start tomorrow, November 17 this year and run through November 24.

Best Buy Black Friday Sale (Starts Tomorrow)

If you’re mostly planning on buying consumer tech and appliances this year, then the Best Buy Black Friday sale is likely going to have everything you need. Similar to Amazon, Best Buy will have discounts on video game consoles and accessories, Apple products, TVs, and phones. They also tend to have discounts on popular kitchen appliances like Instant Pots and coffee makers as well as major appliances, like washing machines. You can also become a My Best Buy Plus member to get access to exclusive deals and free 2-day shipping. Best Buy’s early Black Friday sale has begun has been already running, but more discounts are coming.

The full Best Buy Black Friday sale kicks off tomorrow, November 17 alongside Amazon’s official sale.

Walmart Black Friday Sale (Starts Next Week)

The Walmart Black Friday sale has one of the largest selection of Black Friday deals every year, comparable even to Amazon. You can expect all of the same gaming console and tech discounts as Best Buy while also offering a wide range of deals on furniture, outdoor gear, and toys. They also tend to have some of the best prices on Vizio and Hisense TVs every year. Walmart already has ton of early deals, but the actual sale won’t begin until next Week.

Take a look at Walmart’s Black Friday ad for thisas a reference for what sales to expect in 2023. The full Walmart Black Friday sale kicks off on Wednesday, November 22.

Target Black Friday Sale (Early Deals Live Now)

Target tends to have a very good Black Friday sale on consoles, TVs, toys, electric razors, and kitchen products. They also tend to have some discounts on their own home decor brands that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You can also become a Target Circle member to get access to additional benefits and discounts. Target’s early Black Friday deals are already live now and will run through Cyber Monday, which lands on November 27. A new batch of deals will be available every Sunday, so check back each week. See the official Target Black Friday announcement for more details.

Take a look at the Target Black Friday ad from last year as a reference of what you can expect from the sale in 2023.

Gamestop Black Friday Sale (Starts Tomorrow)

Although other major online retailers will have similar sales on consoles and video games, GameStop will only have those discounts. Bundles and game pricing will likely be very similar to that of Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, but there will likely be additional game-specific sales you won’t find anywhere else. Last year, this included a buy two get one free sale on popular console games like Spider-Mn and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The video game retailer has alreay dropped an early sale, offering 50% off select games.

Take a look at last year’s Gamestop Black Friday ad as a reference of what you can expect in 2023 from the gaming retailer, or check out some of the deals below. GameStop’s full Black Friday sale will kick of on November 17 this year.

Dell Black Friday Sale (Early Deals Live Now)

If you’re looking specifically for PCs and laptop sales during the holiday season, the Dell Black Friday sale is always one to look out for. Naturally, they tend to have the best prices on a variety of their own hardware, including work laptops, gaming pcs, and even a few gaming monitors. There are almost always Dell and Alienware deals going on, but Black Friday is probably the best time to shop directly from the manufacturer.

Take a look at the Dell Black Friday ad from last year as a reference of what to expect in 2023, though the ad is quite limited.

Costco Black Friday Sale (Early Deals Live Now)

If you are already the proud owner of Costco membership, you’ll be pleased to know that the wholesale retailer is one of the best places to shop for Black Friday deals. The Cosctco Black Friday sale started very early with the second wave of deals live now and the main Black Friday sale starting online on November 23. Discounts include groceries, TVs, Laptops, furniture, kitchen products, and just about everything else sold at Costco.

Take a look at the Costco Black Friday ad for 2023 to get an idea of what you can expect fromt he sale this year.

Kohls Black Friday Sale (Starts This Sunday)

The Kohls Black Friday sale is almost always surprisingly good. Not only do they usually have the best prices on clothing, they usually offer a store-wide discount that covers just about everything. On top of that, the retailer will most likely offer Kohl’s cash for the money you spend in the store or online. Kohl’s is also a surprisingly great place to find deals on kitchen appliances, toys, and various other electronics.

Take a look at the Kohl’s Black Friday ad for this year for an idea of what to expect for 2023. The full Kohl’s Black Friday sale is set to kick off on Sunday, November 19 this year alongside Macy’s.

Macy’s Black Friday Sale (Starts This Sunday)

Macy’s may not be as popular as it used to be, but it has the benefit of having actual brick and mortar locations. The Macy’s Black Friday sale is usually a great place to find deals on clothing, jewelry, makeup brands, home decor, and kitchen appliances. Last year there were brand-specific discounts on UGG boots and Levi’s clothing that could likely appear again.

Take a look at the Macy’s Black Friday ad for 2023 for an idea ofwhat you can expect from the store this year. The Macy’s Black Friday sale will be kicking off on Sunday, November 19 this year.

eBay Black Friday Sale

eBay is one of the biggest online shopping destinations in the world. Although most folks usually associate the website with online auctions, they have a surprisingly great selection of Black Friday deals every year. eBay does have some new products on sale, but the bulk of their discounts are on certified refurbished laptops, vacuums, tools, and various other electronics that can be purchases at a significant price cut.

Take a look at the eBay Black Friday ad from last year for an idea of what you can expect in 2023.

Tips for Black Friday Shopping Online

It may seem silly to start planning your Black Friday shopping right now, but doing so can help you save a lot of money when it comes time to actually start making purchases. Here are a few Black Friday tips that you should consider ahead of the event:

  1. Set a Budget – Keeping track of how much money you can actually spend is important to avoid overspending. When everything is on sale, it can be easy to buy more than you really should just because things are at their lowest price of the year.
  2. Create a Shopping List – Knowing exactly what you’re trying to find discounts on is a great way to avoid making unnecessary purchases. It can also make it easier for you to compare prices between retailers or set price drop alerts ahead of time.
  3. Compare Prices – Retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart make it really easy to do all of your shopping there. That being said, those retailers don’t always have the best price on the items you’re looking for. Make sure to compare prices across the web before you buy something for more than you have to.
  4. Research Before You Buy – If you’re making an expensive purchase, make sure you do atleast some research before you purchase that item. This means looking for independent reviews or testimony from trusted sources about those products. You shouldn’t necessarily trust Amazon reviews, for example.
  5. Be Wary of Search Results – Search platforms, such as Google, have a tendency to be flooded with sponsored links in the results. Be careful to avoid cliking on a sponsored ad if you’re looking for reviews or searching for specific products by price.

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