Lotus Eletre R is a 900-horsepower SUV that weirdly slays the competition

Enlarge / Lotus followed up the Eletre S with a far more powerful Eletre R. Lotus purists might not like how much mass it carries around. (credit: Seyth Miersma)

The Lotus Eletre R is an electric SUV with 900 hp (671 kW), a curb weight of approximately 5,820 lbs (2,640 kg), and a six-figure sticker price. If you’re a longstanding fan of the British brand—look around, is there a small model of a race car within sight or Colin Chapman biography on your bookshelf?—that opening sentence likely causes some distress. If you are like most Americans, however, a mention of “Lotus” is just as likely to conjure up thoughts of gardening as grands prix.

Therein lies the puzzle for a company that is in phase one of a total reinvention. Lotus cars have never sold particularly well, but for seven decades now if you bought one you knew what you were getting: a minimalist sports car with a focus on extreme weight savings. Folks, the Eletre R ain’t that.

I think it’s more important to ask if this Lotus is any good, rather than arguing about whether or not it’s a “real Lotus.” The EV revolution may be underway in earnest, but it’s not as though we’re awash in quasi-exotic electric SUVs with outrageous power outputs and challenging design language. Brand aside, what does this car compete with, and does it have a chance to win?

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