EA Sports FC 24 is Down to Just $30 for Black Friday

We might complain about it, but FIFA and now EA Sports FC are some of the best-selling games every single year — so there’s definitely still an appeal out there for happy gamers. If you haven’t had the chance to pick up the world-leading soccer sim just yet, well you’re in luck as it’s 57% off in the Black Friday sales.

Currently available for just $29.99 at retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, this is a great deal and likely the best offer we’re getting on the game until it inevitably ends up on EA Play and Xbox Game Pass come May or June 2024. If you don’t want to wait until then, we suggest bagging this deal this Black Friday. For digital owners, the game is down to $34.99 on PS5 but you can also save 10% on PS credit right now; so ensure you use that before making any purchases.

EA Sports FC 24 Black Friday Deal

So what’s the deal with EA’s new annual soccer game? It’s still got some great features such as HyperMotion V and the DualSense controller feedback on PS5, making all matches feel incredibly realistic. There’s precise ball and player physics, noticeable field wear and tear, and goal post-shaking haptics.

But this is expected — but there are changes that help ease the cost of the new game. Playstyles customize every player’s method of play to fit their specific strengths and weaknesses. As a result, no two players control the same way, adding a fresh layer to gameplay and how you approach team management.

We gave EA Sports FC 24 a reasonable 7/10 in our review, stating: “It might have a new name, but EA Sports FC 24 is just about the same, frustrating but beautiful game that FIFA’s been for many years.” If that doesn’t convince you I don’t what will — maybe some FOMO instead?

Should You Shop Black Friday Deals Right Now?

Black Friday has become something of a misnomer over the past few years and typically spans the whole of November rather than just the traditional day after Thanksgiving. Deals begin to crop up early these days, and that can leave many of us wondering whether or not these offers are actually worth taking advantage of — or whether it’s best to actually wait until Black Friday itself.

In case you’re worried about seeing a better deal in the coming days and on Black Friday proper, ease those concerns as this is absolutely the best deal we are getting on EA Sports FC 24 for Black Friday.

While the big day is on November 24, pretty much every single retailer like Amazon has already put their Black Friday deals live. For example, everyone can already get plenty of PS5 Black Friday deals; such as DualSense Controllers for $49, 30% off PS Plus, or big savings on the new PS5 slim bundles as the offers are officially live until November 27 — otherwise known as Cyber Monday. So, for now, go nuts with these latest PS5 discounts and relish in the fact that you’ve scored a real Black Friday deal this year.

Robert Anderson is a deals expert and Commerce Editor for IGN. You can follow him @robertliam21 on Twitter.

Author: Robert Anderson. [Source Link (*), IGN All]


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