Google was this close to buying out Fortnite creator

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Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority
  • Internal emails show that Google was considering buying a controlling stake in Epic Games even before Stadia launched.
  • Google reportedly wanted to influence Epic’s approach to Android.
  • Stadia lead Phil Harrison suggested just buying Epic Games out entirely.

Currently, Google is in a court fight with Epic Games, being accused of stifling app competition. Since the case kicked off, there have been some interesting revelations, but the latest discovery about Google and the Fortnite creator may be the most surprising yet.

The Verge has obtained internal emails from Google that reference a 2018 strategy called “Project Elektra.” It appears that Project Elektra was a plan to obtain influence over Epic Games by purchasing a controlling stake in the company or buying it outright.

Author: Ryan McNeal. [Source Link (*), Android Authority]


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